January 2019 Issue
We would like to thank everyone for their outstanding support and involvement in 2018 and as we begin the new year, look forward to your continuing support in 2019.

In unfortunate news to start the year, we were devastated by the tragic passing of our much-loved colleague and friend, JJay De Melo. This month's issue, we dedicate to JJay, sharing his work and contribution to YAY.

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of one of our members of the YAY team, JJay De Melo, earlier last week.

JJay was the Arts program coordinator, with his role focused on mentoring vulnerable youth through music, dance and performing arts. He facilitated hip-hop dance school programs, wrote and recorded music with young people and performed at various community events, contributing to YAY's youthful energy and vibrancy.  

His outstanding work and support at YAY, his remarkable talent and passion for what he did and more importantly, the love he had for helping young people will never be forgotten. We are truly saddened that we have lost such an inspirational young person who played an invaluable role with us and in the lives of many who knew him.


Always putting on a show...

JJay always lit up the stage with his exuberant energy and unbelievable talent every time he performed. His memorable dance performance last year at the Victorian Multicultural Commissions' 35th Anniversary was captivating and lively, touching everyone's heart as he shared his love for music and dance.

Watch JJay's VMC performance here

Embracing opportunities...

JJay was always involved in the most important activities from our recent end of year lunch to engagements with our brand ambassador, Peter Hitchener (pictured below) who was inspired by his enthusiasm and passion.

JJay was a true representation of YAY, from his youthful spirit and desire to create change in his community, he was always giving his time to do more for young people in need of support.

Leaving his legacy a YAY....

JJay was a passionate mentor for youth who he helped write and record music. He was an inspiration to the young people he guided, nurtured and connected with on many levels. YAY Director, Ahmed Hassan, remembers him as a person who 'was always inspired to do more and help people regardless of who it was. His legacy will forever live on at YAY and we will honor his outstanding work'

Learn more about JJay's work at YAY

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