June 2020 Edition

YAY 2020 Updates 
At Youth Activating Youth we have been working hard throughout the year to ensure our programs continue to run. 

We are working closely with our program participants to ensure they are staying connected and engaged.

Our programs have been transitioned to virtual platforms including our; 
Girls Leadership Program 
Employment Program 
Youth Justice Support Program 
Refugee Week 2020 
In honour of Refugee Week 2020 we would like to acknowledge the inspiring story from one of our leaders Ali Ahmed. Ali travelled to Australia as a refugee from Kenya 11 years of age along with his family. Facing multiple barriers he went on to finish school and university with a Bachelor of Counselling. Upon graduating university, Ali worked for a number of schools counselling students experiencing disadvantage and similar barriers to those he had also faced.

In late 2014, Ali co-founded Youth Activating Youth. His previous experience helping disadvantaged youth across some of Melbourne’s most marginalised communities compelled him to create an opportunity for young people to redirect their lives. The main motivation for establishing the organization was to offer support to marginalized disadvantaged youth consistently falling through the cracks. The programs now provide disadvantaged and disengaged young people with the essential skills needed to build self-confidence and networks that encourage a more enduring development.

Refugee Week is a wonderful time for us to celebrate and reflect on the incredible achievements our team have made to strengthen and enrich the multicultural fabric in Melbourne.
YAY TEAM | We are here if you need us! 

Youth Activating Youth is a non-profit organisation that assists disadvantaged multicultural Australian youth to re-engage in their communities. If you are experiencing disadvantage or difficulties please reach out to us! 

Visit our website for more information or give us a call or text on 0479 015 800 📞 

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