Youth Activating Youth Website is now LIVE


Youth Activating Youth Website is now up and running. The website will be a storehouse for everything YAY. All the necessary information will be on the website including social media, how to get involved, careers and our people. We thank our Patron, Board members, Advisory committee and Ambassadors. Moreover, we also thank our volunteers and sponsors.


African Youth's meet with Consul General Michael F. Kleine


African Youth met with American Consul General Michael F. Kleine. The meeting took place at a vibrant cultural setting where they had traditional food. Participating youth had an inspirational chat with Mr Kleine discussing the work they do in the community. Follow this meeting, young people received an encouraging word From the Counsel General who is looking forward to working closely with community organisations.



African Music And Cultural Festival



African Music and Cultural Festival is an annual festival held to celebrate African music and culture. Countries across Africa are represented, and they are encouraged to share their culture through arts, performance and cuisine. Celebrating the difference as well as the unity of the African continent gives ordinary Australian to the chance learn and experience the vast array African continent has to offer. The organisers of African music Festival have done an excellent job in expanding year on year. YAY is happy to have partnered with the African Music and Cultural Festival (AMCF) this year and we are looking forward to the success of this unique event in the years to come.


SAFA Graduation Ceremony and Community Awards Night

Somali Australian Friendship Associations (SAFA) is a community-based organisation that aims to highlight the achievements and contributions of Somali-Australians. The founders of this wonderful organisation saw the need to showcase the exceptional work Somali-Australian are doing. They are doing a great job of inspiring the next generation of migrant communities to fulfill their immense potential. This way, each community can find its unique way to contribute to this great country. YAY is delighted to partner with SAFA on their Graduation Ceremony and Community Awards evening.



We are also on the lookout for more fantastic volunteers to assist with our ongoing work! If you or anyone you know are interested in volunteer with us, please email us at careers@yay.org.au

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