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Ajieng's internship journey at Spotless..

Ajieng Athuay (pictured), a volunteer at Youth Activating Youth is now on the path to working in the finance industry with the help of YAY and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ajieng has recently graduated from LaTrobe University, completing his Bachelor of Business with a major in Accounting and Finance.

After landing an opportunity to complete an internship through VCCI’s Internship Program, he is now a financial analyst intern at Spotless, a leading provider of integrated facilities services in Australia and New Zealand. Ajieng says he is learning the day to day life workings of the job, with this experience helping him narrow down his career path in what he wants to do in the long run.

"They give you chances you wouldn’t have if someone was not backing you...YAY has put me into places that would have been difficult to get to without their support.”

Ajieng has seen improvements in his task management, self-efficiency and self-management skills. He sees himself continuing with Spotless and developing the necessary skills to help him branch out in the future, his focus is now on getting into the financial investment sector. 

Ajieng is reaping the benefits of his internship and believes that young people would benefit from opportunities at YAY. “They give you chances you wouldn’t have if someone was not backing you...YAY has put me into places that would have been difficult to get to without their support.” Ajieng is now in the sixth week of his internship and looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him. 

Ahmed Hassan and Ali Ahmed visit the Mitchell Institute

YAY Director Ahmed Hassan and CEO Ali Ahmed (pictured) visited the Mitchell institute earlier last week to learn how education and training is foundational to uplifting communities but more so CALD communities in Australia. They were able to express their own experience with young people in this area, considering how valuable this area is for YAY.

As an organisation, we believe education and training is a cornerstone in helping a young person from disadvantaged communities raise above their circumstances and become role models for their communities. It was fantastic to be able to share this with the Mitchell Institute whose own goal is ‘for an education system that equips all young people to be creative, entrepreneurial, resilient and capable learners’.

The knowledge, interactions and discussions that were acquired from this meeting with the Mitchell institute will be of great help and support to YAY moving forward.

YAY's Hip-Hop Dance Program at Melton Secondary College

YAY ran a successful afterschool, hip-hop dance program at Melton Secondary College earlier this month. Throughout the five-week duration of the program, there was a high level of engagement and participation from students who came from all year levels and cultural backgrounds. They showed great enthusiasm for the program and we received excellent feedback from both the students and teachers.

In particular, our arts coordinator, Jjay De Melo and arts co-facilitator, Tina De Melo could not be happier given the tremendous work that was put into making such a program happen. YAY is looking forward continue the work we have done with Melton Secondary College.


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