Issues Facing Today’s Youth

As a nation that prides itself on being multicultural, Australia consists of diverse communities who are unfortunately, among the most vulnerable groups in Australian society. Young people who are brought-up in culturally diverse households in Australia are far more likely to experience social exclusion. This has a negative impact on many other areas in their lives.

Young people living in disadvantaged areas; whose parents have low levels of education may experience inter-generational disadvantages due the background of their parents. In many circumstances, the parents of disadvantaged youth lack the necessary skills and education to support youth in Australian society. As youth in these communities get older, they have access to fewer role models opportunities, mentors and the adequate networks that are crucial for future employment and education.

About YAY

Overwhelming research suggests that youth who participate in their respective communities have an increased likelihood of pursuing further education, as well as entering the workforce.

If they are not reconnected to their communities, it can lead to:


Increased levels of youth unemployment


Poorer health outcomes for young people


Increased crime rates


Lower levels of productivity not just for their communities but for the entire nation

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