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Girls Leadership Program

The Girls Leadership Program (GLP) was launched in 2017 and encourages girls and young women from a multicultural and low socioeconomic background to explore their full potential. The program is for participants aged 13 to 24, focused on four key areas: employment, health and wellbeing, education, and careers.

The program has also featured a keynote speaker every week. The outcomes of the GLP are closely measured to ensure participants are developing the necessary skills.


CHANGE Program

Did you know about Youth Activating Youth’s CHANGE Program for multicultural youth caught up in the justice system?

The CHANGE program aims to combat issues related to offending by empowering young people to foster a culture of change. We aim to support multicultural youth to reduce recidivism and improve their pathways for a better future.

Our youth mentors work with CHANGE program participants to:

  • INSPIRE thoughts, ideas, perspectives, goals, hopes and dreams
  • ENABLE pathways to action, opportunities, creative and forward thinking, self-development
  • EMPOWER with self-challenges, positive talk and action, leadership practice
  • GUIDE along an achievable pathway to success!

If you would like to refer an eligible young person to our CHANGE program simply fill in the online referral form via the link below!

About YAY

Youth Engagement Program

YAY is committed to supporting African-Australian youth at risk of offending in the areas of Melton, Wyndham and Brimbank. We will focus on early intervention strategies to ensure young people feel supported and empowered to change their behaviours.

Program participants will receive intensive support for three to six months to develop achievable goals and pathways aimed at HIGHLIGHTING, DEVELOPING and PROMOTING their talents. In addition, we will work with participants to strengthen their relationships with their families, specialist services and broader community networks.

If you would like to refer an eligible young person to our new Youth Engagement Program simply fill in the online referral form via the link below.

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Journey Maker Program

Partnering with Transdev, AIG, and the Victorian Government, YAY strengthens our disadvantaged culturally and linguistically diverse community’s employment skills and outcomes. Our qualified coaches share decades of expertise in human resources, recruitment, and training to facilitate personal employment journeys for each member. A key objective of the program is to provide a holistic approach to the young person’s employment journey. If you or someone you know is struggling to find work please reach out to us.

About YAY

Multicultural Youth Engagement Program

The program has more than 300 participants, who learn about career and employment opportunities in the school holidays. It encourages young people around Victoria to attend and promotes the development of young leaders. Key speakers include role models, partner organisations and young people who are excelling in their respective careers.

This program is facilitated by young people, for young people. Previous youth participants are given leadership opportunities to facilitate the MYEP.


Youth Offenders Rehabilitation

Many youth experience significant challenges in reintegrating after their release from custody. These challenges can be compounded by social disadvantage and complex needs related to drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, family issues, homelessness and unemployment. Because of these challenges, programs and resources to assist with returning to the community are provided throughout their prison sentence by entities such as the Corrections Victoria Reintegration Pathway and the department’s Youth Justice Service.

These services aim to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage their lives effectively without further offending. In order to achieve effective rehabilitation and reduce reoffending, there is need for holistic, integrated thinking to address health, mental health, disability, education and employment needs.

About YAY

Arts Program

Performing arts, dance and music are key ways for young people from a multicultural background to express themselves. This long-term program for young participants includes time in the studio, dance and musical performances, and storyboarding of ideas. Rap is a particularly popular component of the program, allowing participants to reflect on their experiences and feelings and then voice them.

This program is facilitated by young recording artists who are an inspiration to the participating youth.


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